Who is LLX Locomotives

Thank you for visiting my site.

I am a retired person who likes to tinker with HO trains. 

For several years now I have been buying and refurbishing HO train items.  Then reselling them on e-bay.

As most model train people tend to focus on modeling or layout building, my time and interest lies more in the restoration of abused models.

I am also offering to do upgrades of certain types. See the upgrade services category for the specifics.

More recently, I find my focus has been on the performance of the various engine models.  The model railroad community seems to be enthralled with the benefits of modern locomotive renderings.  This includes the various control features and the elaborate lighting and sound features that go with these vehicles.

My interest has been in testing to better understand the performance differences. You continually read the this unit’s motor is bad. Relative to what measure? So far I have tested 310 engines. My goal is to do 8 or 9 a week. These include engines that I get to refurbish and sell on e-bay and engines that I have acquired for my stable of power. These are summarized in the list and cumulative postings. I have also developed a criteria number that can be used to judge some of the performance differences between engines. It is also indicative of a sick or worn out motor. It is developed in the engine health posting. This indicator has allowed me to better quantify the impact of my tune up activities. It is not so much that I make it run, but how does it serve the requirements of a train engine.

In any event, I will be posting threads about certain aspects that I come across. Check out the various categories for the full spectrum of my activities.

Just a note on the format of the posts. Any post that starts with a date is part of my blog journal. These will have very few pictures. They will primarily be discussion of some specific aspect or general activities. The others will be specific discussion on a topic and have charts and pictures to support the words.

 The modeling won’t be near the level you will see else where, like mrhmag.com, but it should be interesting.

If your interested in browsing what I currently have for sale, go to my store associated with this site. Or please follow the link to my ebay store: http://stores.ebay.com/llxlocomotives/  
All the train items that are up for sale are there.  If you find something you would like then make a bid.

The items on the store are early sale items that will be on the e-bay site. Items on this site will be at a discount relative to the eBay offerings. These will include a number of the various engines that have been the source of the data presented on the site.
All items sold on this site are shipped for free to the US. Internationally there is a shipping discount as indicated in the item ad.

Items bought off the site can be returned within 45 days of purchase. Buyer pay the return shipping.

The realities of finance have required some changes in my philosophy. Maintaining a web site costs money. The sales from the site so far have not been enough to make it sel sufficient. With this in mind, three steps are being taken.

1. You will notice that Amazon ads will appear in selected posts. These are mostly model railroad based.

2. The Google click adds are included all over the site. This will be tried for a short time. There is less control with those, so the actual value is yet to be determined.

3. Selected posts will be made download only for a token fee. The journal and some other categories will still be free.

The individual tests in the motor and electronics series and data posts, the comparison of recent release engine performance models will be pat of the download to see the details list. To be meaningful, the latter are randomly acquired at the retail cost at the time. In every case, there will be a post that describes what was done. You will decide for yourself to acquire the info. There will be no pressure.

For any questions or comments, contact me at: ggnlars@verizon.net.

Again, Thank you for visiting and feel free to browse and make suggestions.


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