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4-25-15 graphite test plans

The weight and motor upgrade study is nearing the completion of the first of potentially four rounds. Recently a few Helix Humper motors were acquired and will be included in this motor upgrade variation

While running the weight variation on the new engines, it dawned on me that it would be interesting to run the same tests on a set of track treated with graphite. My basic track set up has the capacity for the examination. The intent was to be able to run at least three different variations in track conditions. The initial concept was an endurance testing series over a period of time. That intention is still a valuable set of tests, but other interests and needs have delayed the initiation of those tests.

However, some sort term tests examining the impact of a graphite treatment will be enlightening. The initial plan is as follows:

1- select a candidate engine, in this case an Athearn Genesis NP GP9.

2- As part of the weight study this engine has been tested on the main “clean” test track. The technique will be to run the tests again on the section designated for the graphite treatment. The first set will be to repeat the clean track running to understand the differences. All four weight increments will be repeated. This will eliminate the differences between the two-track segments in the impact of the graphite tests.

3- The track segment will be properly treated with the graphite sticks. Before any tests are run, the engine will be run back and forth for two hours. The intent is to be sure the impact has evolved properly. At that point the weight test series will be repeated.

4- Then the engine will be run on the “clean” test track. The purpose here is to see how much of the impact will carry over. This part is to attempt to understand what is track related and what is engine related. This won’t be conclusive, but interesting.

This series will continue over the next month or so. To encourage randomness it will be done in conjunction with other tests.