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3-09-17 the big move

After spending four months at our investment condo in Florida, the wife and I decided to move to the state full-time. We decided that an active community was what we thought we wanted. On the way home to Indiana, we visited the villages south of Ocala. We found it fascinating. It seems to be a very well organize spot. There are 120,000 people there, but it dos not seem congested.

Our plan as to come home a try to sell our house that we built eleven years ago on what was left of my wife’s fathers farm. We figured it would take up to six months. Our son-in-law is in real estate, and we told him of our interest on the trip home. We got home on the 30th of January. He had some other realtor in on Saturday. One of them brought a client in on Saturday. They came back on Monday. We had an offer on Tuesday and an unrestricted contract on Wednesday. We close on the 31st on this month. We will be in a transition for four or five months after that while the house in the villages becomes a reality.

Because of this, there will not be any new modeling or testing until after the “big move” is complete. There will be a lot of down time waiting for things to happen, so their will be time to discuss results and make comparisons on additional combinations of the data already in the books.

As is the usual case in Florida, we will not have a basement for my workshop or layout. Our plan is for me to have a 12 X 14 room for both. I am considering whether a chance to N scale is a direction I should consider. Because of the space reductions and the move in general, I have been purging the collection and business inventories. As it is I will be shipping 8-10 boxes of gear and another box or so if tools and power supplies. The main part of the test track will be going.
I anticipate blogging on the room design in this arena.

It should be fun.