Motor test bed #1- Undecorated GP38

This engine has been tested extensively during the Athearn tune up series Described in another post.

The motors tested here are as follows:

1. Athearn blue box Stock rectangular motor with brass fly wheels #1

2. Helix Humper Can motor #3

3. Mashima 1824 can motor with brass fly wheels #2

In most cases, there re four or more motors involved. For now this engine only has three. This engine will be kept and the number of motors will be expanded as appropriate. At that time this post will be revised.

This engine is shown in the following figure:
This discussion will focus on the performance measurements of the unit. The basic test requirements are as follows:

1.) Powered with DC voltage with no pulse wave modulation

2.) Running on a level surface (that is measured and adjusted as required weekly).

3.) The same 8-foot segment of track is used for all the basic tests.

4.) the track is cleaned before each test.

5.) the unit is run without external load for all but the max draw bar force tests.

6.) Each track running data point is the average of three measurements.

These discussions do not deal with accuracy of the shell, the location and nature of the details or the lettering. In fact, because it is a test bed, several details have been left off for expediency.

These results are available for a $0.50 down load here:

Thanks for looking.

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