9-26-16 likely at the end of testing until Feb 2017

The push to finish fell short as usual. To many other things to do, like doctor appointments, etc.

The info gained one the P2K E6 shows the need to run more data when a sound decoder is involved. I still have a couple of sound engines in my collection. Based on what I have observed, I have disposed of most of the few I had. Now I am wondering if the issue is how they perform. The E6 needs at least five more feet to get to speed at 12 volts, probably more above that. If they are all like that, it becomes hard to have sufficient test distance.

Those questions will be part of the 2017 work. We will be focused on the condo over the next few months. This will eliminate all train repair and sales activity. The only items up on eBay are traction tires and Hi F rubber bands. I have identified a number of the test variations that will make interesting reports, so those will appear here as time permits.

So far, the discussions have centered around a particular test bed engine, looking at the impact of various motors. While that will continue to be a topic, another discussion will have the results of a given motor in a number of engines. In the former, the only difference is the motor. In the latter, the drive and trucks come into play. I think it should be interesting. In reviewing the options, another 15 to 20 reports are possible during this time away from testing.

Some of these will by intent be interim reports. The plans have these engines slated to be run with additional motor variations. These will be part of the 2017 test effort. When the additional results are available, the reports will be up dated appropriately.

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