11-02-16 more motor results including Helix Humper

Still working on the data from the motor test series. Reviewing the tests completed there are three that have five or more motors completed at this point. The list of additional potential motors is growing, but for now interim reports will be written. As additional motors are tested, these reports will updated as appropriate.

The results seem to be following a pattern where there are two distinct resulting performance levels. The notion of a can motor being better than an open frame motor really depends on the motor. In an overall sense, the can motors are better than a stock blue box jet or rectangular motor most of the time. However, P2K open frame motors hold their own against any of the can motors tested so far.

A recent addition to these tests is an Athearn high performance motor. Actually three of them. Thus far it is courious as to why they chose to call them high performance. The tstinfg so far indicates a poorer motor in every respect but current draw. While current draw is important in a DCC world, the rest of the performance metrics are disappointing.

Because of circumstance, an Atlas China and a Kato F unit can motors have become available and will be included in the series in 2017. This activity has grown such that there really is no real end. As more data is analyzed, more testing opportunities are exposed. For me it has vastly improved my tune up techniques. All the engines that go through the shop are leaving at a much higher level of performance.

So far, the test bed engines have been mostly Athearn Blue box. In 2017, that will be expanded to include Kato, Atlas China aand others as availability and costs allow. Some brass steam engines are also potential candidates for this series.
It should be fun.

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