10-9-14 Five Wire progress

Finished the initial work on four Ath BB gold motor loco’s modified 5-wire upgrades. These units vary from new old stock to used with rusted wheels.

The upgrade also includes screw type motor mounts

Intend to run step by step streamlined testing to evaluate the performance impact. This testing will be limited because the test track is not fully functional.

These tests will include the performance impact of several upgrades including the five wire configuration with the stock wheels, a limited wheel polish, Ath RTR Nickel Silver wheels, full lube, and upgraded tower gears.

Testing of the first item was completed on two of the four. A third was shown to have a short that has not been resolved yet.

Additionally posts defining the modified five wire upgrade and kit modifications on a 85′ EH boxcar are in the final stages.

Discovered a great source of percent magnet DC motors. Will include it in the links area soon.

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