12-11-14 Thoughts on testing and QC

Total engines tested has reached 76. The last several have been from more recent releases. These include models by Athearn Genesis, Atlas China, Proto 2000 (both Life Like and Walthers) and various Kato models.

These are documented in the engines tested list post.

As with the early Athearn units, these models show significant variation in performance.

The performance criteria defined in the engine health post is still showing to be a good indicator of good and suspect performance. Generally the more modern loco’s score higher the older loco’s. However, their pulling capabilities have been reduced.

Part of these recent engines tested are part of my collection of models. I still think I will one day build a layout.

These modern engines are both new and used. Several of the used engines have needed parts replaced and some tuning.
Of all of the Recent engines examined three are still suspect. So far being immune to my tune up efforts.

One prominent brand is zero for two in quality. One of these did not operate at all. The lights worked, but the motor did not run. Upon removal of the shell it was found that one of the motor wires was not connected to the light board. When properly connected, the motor runs fine. The second one of this brand has a truck problem that appears will require new parts. Will know more when I get a time window to open the truck up and see what the problem is.

As with the Athearn blue box loco’s. A series of nearly twenty Stewart Kato F units are available for examination. Twelve of these are new in the original boxes, clearly in as produced condition. This will be significant relative to engine to engine variations as well as the impact of moderate use. It will be interesting to see how they differ from the Athearn units.

Look for revisions to published postings and new postings detailing these later tests.

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