3-22-15 progress with weight & Mashima

The goal to evaluate the impact of adding engine weight and upgrading to a Mashima motor has taken some definitive form.

Three engine candidates have been identified. At this point, they are all Athearn BB units:

1- The undecorated GP38-2 from the earlier series

2- A SP SD9 with a rectangular motor and brass fly wheels

3- a SP Trainmaster with grey fly wheels, round motor and metal side frames.

There are two additional BB engine candidates as well. However, it may be better to use a different brand engine for the base on one or two. The potential options available are:

A) a P2K GP18

B) A P1K F3A

C) A Bowser C-636

D) an Atlas Roco FP7A

There may be some other options as well. The stock of motors will allow two additional engines. The selection will be identified this week.

The weights for the weight addition testing have been found. The increments are two of 150 grams and two other pieces that equal 140 grams.(two of the same 70 gram weight). The plan is to attach the weights to the shell roof with double-sided tape. The speedometer will have to be raised to ensure proper clearance.

The baseline testing was initiated with essentially a repeat of the best test on the undecorated GP38-2. The results are very close to the original test. Since the wheels and axles were removed and arbitrarily reinstalled or replaced, the data would have some variation.

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