5-11-15 continued weight and graphite tests

The activity continued this week. A few steps forward and one back.

First, the back step. Because of the DC program on the MTH Bi Polar proved difficult to get a good reading for draw bar force at any weight increment. The other data was relatively easy, but without a consistent set of force data, it does not mean much. Another procedure is required which would require all the other engines be retested if that procedure can be found. For that reason, this engine is being taken off the test series.

The positive results have been demonstrated on the GP9 pre graphite test activity. The normal variation on all five test tracks have been identified. The two sets of clean tracks have been tested a second time with good results.

The second clean track weight variation was started. One of the questions about graphite is “does it impact the engine as well as the track?”. If it does, then will it also impact an otherwise clean track? Because of this possibility, the primary test track can not be used for after graphite tests on this engine. The second clean track segment will be used for this assessment.

So the remaining tests include finishing the weight series on the second clean segment. Then running the weight increments on the clean graphite segment. Then repeating the weight increments after the graphite has been applied. That will define the clean to graphite impact.
Then the engine will be run on the second clean segment again. This will define the impact of the graphite on the engine. It is assumed that the weight increments will be repeated. Finally, the second clean segment will be cleaned and the engine tested again. This last set of tests will depend on the previous test results. This implies that 15 to 19 additional tests to finish the graphite portion.

The change to add the Helix Humper motors to the BB engines has been completed on three of the four engines in the series. The fourth engine has been setup for the initial weight tests. These tests will be interspersed with the Graphite tests on the primary test segment.

Finally, for fun, another engine from the collection was tested. The intensity of sales and project tests has impacted the collection tests. The non BB engines in the weight series are collection engines as well. In this case, a P2K Heritage undecorated 2-8-8-2 engine was tested. This is one of the steam engines that a Roco made for Life Like. What a magnificent machine. It was acquired the year after it was released for a price that was too good to be true. Presently, the engine looks and ran flawlessly After being in the box for over 10 years. The results will be presented in the next engines tested list update. It is the best steam engine I’ve tested so far. It set a bar for the brass engine updates planned sometime this summer.

Of course, still having fun.

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