Testing one two three

There have been a vast number of HO engines produced over the last fifty years. In some cases, there have been test results recorded. For others, nothing appears available.
Since I see more than a hundred engines a year, I am in a unique position to collect performance data on a wide range of models, new and used, vintage and modern, etc.

Overall Objectives

After much thought and a lot of observation on the MRH Forum, I decided that I would build a five track
test “layout”. This will give me the opportunity to do a number of different tests as the need arises.
Test items that are currently being developed are:
1. Loco performance
2. Track additives to eliminate or minimize dirty track
3. Alternate track material or treatments for performance and reliability
4. Loco Performance Variation
5. Loco Performance deteriation
6. Loco tune up- what makes the most difference to restore performance
7. Can vs open frame motors- what are the performance parameters

This list is not in order of priority or how they may be investigated. Other items will be added as time and interest allow. Suggestions are always welcome.

As these tests progress, the status and results will be reported here. The purpose is to identify the performance of various engine types.

Comparisons will be made as appropriate. However the author believes all HO engines were the best rendering that could be done at the time of their development, given the design constraints. The purpose of this testing is not to say the manufacturer abc makes a better product than manufacturer xyz. The purpose is to identify how each model performs across the operating space of the typical HO model engine. Realizing the statistical significance of the results, the reader can interpret the data presented as it fits his particular operational focus.

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