10-22-14 Loose wheels sink tests

Several days have slipped by since the last post. The usual Fall activities outside.

I’m preparing a couple of posts on the engine testing that I’ve completed so far. One is a general summary and another examines the motor health indicators.

In the process, some time was spent with the data from the tests on the modified 5-wire engines. I’ve decided that the loose wheels discussed in an earlier post have led to some peculiar results. Because of this, I’m throwing out 9 tests out of the 13 that have been completed as of this writing.

I have found sufficient Athearn blue box wheel sets that are appropriate so I can rerun six of these tests. These wheels are generally used and nothing has been done to enhance their conductivity. While delaying the results, the new tests should yield some more reliable trends.

The initial test summary post so go up in the next couple of days. The number of unique engine tests is approaching thirty.

This weekend the A-line bullseye set arrived to help with Athearn BB coupler stability. This jig allows “easy” installation of a screw to hold the metal cover in place. The plan is to use it on any coupler upgrade where appropriate.

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