10-30-14 Five wire test repeats

The last couple of days progress was made in the retests of the five wire engines with stock wheels. Five of the six new tests were completed. As expected the loose wheels from the previous tests were reducing speed at voltage and the pulling power of the engine. Will be working on the details of the results over the next few days.

Additionally, several more engines were identified to be tested. More Athearn BB, several Atlas ROCO and a few others, including an Athearn rubber band drive F unit. Pondering the test plans for these units. all are used, several have had very limited use, based on the previous owner.

Weather here is starting to encourage inside activity, so I hope to make some progress on the grade portion of the test track. That part is needed to start the test work on my more recent engines. Because they are mostly new, a meaningful as received to break in comparison is possible.

As usual, every test brings as many questions as answers. The question require more tests. Not sure there is enough hours in a day.

The low-speed sensitivity issue continues to come up in discussions. A cause and resolution story would be time well spent.

One of my regulars is sending me more of his collection. He wants the couplers upgraded and an engine or two tuned up. One of the he says can’t get out of it own way. It will be an interesting activity.

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