5-28-15 Helix Humper plus more

The modeling activity has been progressing on several fronts. Still lots of sale activity, even for late May. So much so that the goal to do a minimum set of tests on every engine was not met on two engines. They were run, but the full data set was not taken. So many trains, so little time.

ESU Lok pilot

The pre graphite series is in the final stages. The graphite has been acquired and will be applied early next week. Before any data will be recorded, the engine will be run for several hours on the test track.

Two of the Helix Humper motors have been installed. The Trainmaster and the SD9. The plan is to install the motor in the other two before the test series begins on these motors. This means that the SD40-2 has to be run through the initial series. Because of the sheer number of tests the second step in the plan for these tests will be eliminated from this series. The value of these items have been shown in previous tests, so the focus will be the motors and the rest will just stay as is in the first section of the tests.

NCE power cab

The current unique test count is 179. This does not include the many multiple test series like the preceding discussions.
At this point the engines tested list thread will be updated every quarter, which means early in July. By that time, the number may be close to 200.

These tests have cleared up a number of questions about how these engines perform and how the deteriorate. Look for a summary thread discussing these insights in the next few weeks.

Having fun …

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