6-17-15 graphite tests and then some

The first half of June has been full of tests.

1) six of the weight variation engines have been completed. This initial result summary is in final writing.

2) The prep work on the graphite test series has been completed.

3a) The graphite application process has been reviewed on the model-railroad hobbyist site.
3b) The technique was followed on the application of graphite to the clean track.
3c) The NP GP9 was run over the track 25 times.

4) The initial base weight graphite test was completed.
A preliminary examination of the data indicates the following:

a reduction in starting voltage, 1.7 to 1.4 and a reduction in draw bar force from 60 to 56 grams.

These results demand the completion of thee rest of the test series. While small, both are in the anticipated direction.

5) the initial Helix Humper motor engine completed the base weight test cycle. It is the SD9 model. The results have some issues. There is a noise made during stopping that maybe a flywheel slipping. It warrants some adjustments and a possible rerun of the test. So far the blue box motor rates a little better based on the performance characteristics. More tests to come.

6) a client wanted an AHM C-liner tuned up, with the goal of reducing the noise as well as improving the performance. The task proved very successful. To my ears the noise was significantly lower. The performance characteristic was improved from under 10 to near 40. It moved from marginal to very good, competitive with Athearn blue box engines. The process used in this activity and the results showing the benefits are in the final writing stage.

7) a Kato P42 core less motors in the trucks model was made available for this testing activity. This is being examined with the engine weight variations as well as the base testing. The results of these tests are spectacular. Because of this, a separate post has been initiated and is waiting for pictures.

8) the normal testing activity as been very busy. At least fifteen in the last two weeks. These include Atlas Master, Atlas China, Atlas Kato, Mantua 2-8-2 steam engine. And an early Varney switcher just to name a few. These will be sun arises in the next list update, likely when the 200 unique engine test number has been crossed. Probably some time in July.

Clients and engine purchase seem to keep me busy. Great!

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