7-6-15 same path new direction

The activities are running high for the last two weeks. Each day brings new thoughts about the various paths for testing. Some of the testing has slowed because of some questions about the results.

1) The graphite testing has taken a slightly different path. The overall series will remain the same. Late in June the first set of tests after the graphite was applied. Because of a number of questions, the testing on the graphite treated track has been expanded.

The testing will consist of the basic testing repeated three times over a months time. This will include the four weight increments. Why, because the graphite is supposed to suppress the need to clean the track or engine wheels. It will be interesting to see how and what happens over a months time. The engine being tested is now dedicated to this series. So after the planned series is completed, the basic test can be repeated every three months. The purpose of these tests is to see what impact the graphite on performance after the initial application and over a period of time.

2) Helix Humper motor tests: the initial tests were clouded because the some poor flywheels. Some better parts are being acquired and testing will continue at that time.

3) an unplanned test series has been introduced by the needs of a client. Basically he wanted three AHM C-liners tuned up to see if they could be improved and possibly used with DCC. His three and five others have been tuned and will be tested to show the resulting performance expectation and the impact on DCC.

4) the number of engines being rehabbed is higher than normal for this time of year. This has brought the total number of unique engines tested to well over 200.

All in all a great couple of weeks.

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